Our Story

In 1994, if you wanted to know the results of a regatta, you basically had to be there. This was before the internet as we know it, and before iPhones. Other racing sports we did, like running and skiing, had quarter-folded newspapers that published results. So, following their examples, we started Rowing News and every two weeks we drove a battered old Subaru home from a local newspaper press loaded with issues full of race results, regatta coverage, and training columns, and spent an evening labeling and mailing them out to rowers across North America.

Technologies changed, and so did Rowing News. As the web provided fast, free delivery of results, Rowing News added color and evolved into a monthly magazine telling the sports most compelling stories and featuring rowing’s best photography.

Rowing News serves the rowing community with the support of rowing companies advertising their equipment, apparel, and services. Rowing has become a truly year-round sport, with the growth of indoor rowing in the winter, the expansion of traditional racing in the spring and summer, and autumn’s head races becoming fall festivals of our sport.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed all that, wiping out spring, summer, and fall regattas—at least in person. And to buy gifts and apparel from rowing companies at regattas, you had to be there. We can’t save or bring back the regattas of 2020, but we can bring you the best of rowing companies’ goods in this catalog.